Marina and Mercedes Paso FinosPaso Finos are strong horses with a lot of commitment.Marina and horses Paso Finos
Therewith they offer good requirements for the different categories of horse riding.
It´s an excellent trail and hiking horse. It´s unfailing energy also makes it an excellent distance horse. Endurance rides on a Paso Fino are considerably less tiring for the rider than with any other horses, as the rider is not jolted when riding.
It´s ability to respond quickly along with it´s reactivity makes it to a western horse as well.

For horse lovers who have had to give up riding other horse breeds because of back problems, the Paso Fino becomes a real alternative.

The challenge of riding a Paso Fino is of course to maintain their unique gait, which is constantly improved and perfected. This underlines the elegant appearance of the horse. When this has been achieved the fascination of this wonderful race is then reflected in all its beauty.Marina and Laura Paso Finos
Are you looking for a different option to spent your pastime with horses? Are you ready to experience horse riding of a different breed? Then the Paso Fino offers you numerous of abilities.Marina Trail

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