We started off the day with breakfast at 9:00. At 9:30 we got outside to clean up the stables and fill up the hay nets. After we had everything ready we brought in the horses from the pasture. We started with brushing Isabella and Mercedes. I did some T-Touch massages on Isabellas neck. Isabella has stiff muscles in her neck and just feeling them getting softer under my fingers is like magic. The T-Touch program is amazing, if used right it can work wonders on stiff muscles and it just helps relaxing the horse in general. Marina then rode Isabella while I stayed with Mercedes just brushing and using T-Touch. I noticed that after the T-Touch the horse was more relaxed under the saddle and more willing to listen to the instructions. I rode Mercedes in the round pen. We worked on my seat, hand position, correct aids, leg position and turning. Everything is so different with Paso Fino horses. They are so much more sensitive than your average riding school pony. They have a lot of go and can gait for a very long time. It is a 4 beat gait that is natural in the breed. This is a new experience for me and I enjoy the way the horse moves and the different feel it has under the saddle. The most important thing you have to learn is to control the speed, relax and have fun 🙂

part of the trial program


After lunch we brushed Boo and Electra and I rode Boo. We did some pretty good work in figures of 8 and gaiting around the garden. We focused on my position yet again and on the speed control. Boo and Mercedes are so different. Boo needs a little more encouragement to go while Mercedes needs a lot more speed control. After the fun on Boo we started with Electra. We had Electra going well on the lunge. We did some turns and after Electra had relaxed a bit more Marina got up into the saddle. They went around the pen a few times and then changed direction. They did this a few times before we decided that Electra had done enough work for the day as she is young and had been going well so even 20 minutes training under saddle was enough for her. She is only 4 and has been saddle trained for only 2 weeks. We then fed the horses and watched Electra play around with her bucket of feed. When they were finished we put on their head collars and brought them out to the pasture for the night.

Improved seat and position.



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