We got up in the morning and had breakfast and did the usual morning routine. After brushing the horses I rode Mercedes and after a while Marina came in with Isabella. We first rode in the round pen then we went out to the garden. We only walked as Isabella was a bit fresh and she started getting hot near the end so we went back into the round pen. We gaited in the round pen and it was awesome. The sound of the gait is amazing and calming in my opinion. When we finished we went inside and had lunch.

IMG_0519  After lunch Marina made muffins while I went outside and brushed Boo and Electra. After the muffins were finished I rode Boo around the pen then later in the garden. While we were in the garden Boo decided to gallop off on me. It was out of control and a little bit scary but don’t tell Marina but I enjoyed that gallop 😉 After I got Boo to stop we went back into the round  pen to cool off. Marina then brought Electra into the round pen and got up on her. After a few good circuits in the round pen with Electra following Boo we went out of the pen into the back garden. Electra did very well and Boo stayed quite. Marina then went inside and prepared the pizza while I took some photos of the horses. I think they turned out pretty well 🙂 Once the riding and photo taking was finished we sat down to eat pizza and muffins. All in all it was a good day. I learned three things during the events of Day 4. 1. A paso fino will always take advantage of you if given half a chance. 2. Don’t eat rubber muffin cups. 3. The evening sun makes everything more beautiful yet crazy.IMG_0487

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Zuzanna is a 13 year old student from BVC Wexford. She is horse crazy and likes Netflix, Ice-cream and Pizza.
She loves visiting Marina and her fabulous horses.
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