Marina had to leave for Dublin to run some errands so I stayed at the house for a few hours. I stayed in bed until about 11:30. After I actually bothered getting up I had some breakfast and went outside. I filled up the hay nets and cleaned up the stables. After that I brought the horses in from the pasture, I washed the 3 adult mares and let them roll around in the paddock. All that washing for even more work later on. I spent the next 2 hours just sitting around watching the horses relax and lie down. It was an incredibly warm day so I think everyone felt a bit lazy. Once I got the energy to get up from my comfortable position on the porch I caught the horses again and brushed them all quickly. Marina then came back and we had a lovely lunch of pizza and potato wedges.

After lunch we got the equipment in the boot of the car and got Mercedes and Boo in the trailer. We drove up to The Heath and rode around there for about an hour. 25 minutes of that was spent gaiting. The horses weren’t even tired after that. Personally I’m amazed because I cant jog 5 minutes without dropping down half dead on the pavement 😛 The energy and spirit these horses have is just amazing. When we got back we brought the horses into the field and sat outside for a while enjoying the sun. A sunny end to Day 5


Enjoying the evening sun on The Heath after a busy day 🙂



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Zuzanna is a 13 year old student from BVC Wexford. She is horse crazy and likes Netflix, Ice-cream and Pizza.
She loves visiting Marina and her fabulous horses.
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