DSC_0421Today we cleaned the tack and went to get the horses from the pasture. We rose Isabella and Mercedes for about an hour then went straight  onto Electra and Boo. We went outside of the round pen and we did a few rounds of walk around the back garden. We then gaited Electra for the first time under saddle! She went perfectly and Boo did a good job as a leader. We then washed Isabella and Mercedes to get them clean for the photoshoot. After all the work we had food <3DSC_0415

Once we were finished eating we brushed the two mares to perfection. We put Show Sheen and some kind of gold glitter on them. They were shiny and clean and there was little to no dust on them. We did the photoshoot and the pictures turned out well. We did some pictures bareback, some riding and some standing still. After the photoshoot we went in and had dinner.

DSC_0389After dinner my mam came to pick me up. We all talked for a little while and Marina offered to show my mam how much I have learned. The first thing I said after my mam agreed was “Can I go bareback?” Marina said yes so I just ran to the stable to get the bit, reins and the horse. I led Mercedes outside into the front garden after hopping up onto her back. I started walking around the garden then started gaiting. We did quite a bit of work in gait but then while I was trying to do Paso Corto, Mercedes broke into a gallop. I didn’t do anything to stop her as it was very controlled and both of us were having fun 🙂

So yeah. I learned a lot while I was here. I think the most amazing part of all this is that I galloped a Paso Fino bareback. That was the best part. Alright then, well that’s it from me until I come back in August 🙂DSC_0428

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Zuzanna is a 13 year old student from BVC Wexford. She is horse crazy and likes Netflix, Ice-cream and Pizza.
She loves visiting Marina and her fabulous horses.
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