Prestigio de JH

Prestigio de JH

We at Paso Finos Del Baltico are very pleased to announce the recent arrival here of Prestigio de JH, our new Paso Fino Stallion.

Bred by Gaetano Pellice in Florida and foaled in February 2013, he is a son of Heredero de Jonseb and is registered with the Paso Fino Horse Association of Lexington, Kentucky, USA; #58,739.

We purchased him from the very well known Cedar Lane Stables, in South Carolina, where he was in the care of Shaw Laney, one of the very finest trainers in the world of Paso Finos.

Heredero de Jonseb

Heredero de Jonseb, Photo by ©Cheri Prill

Prestigio’s sire, Heredero de Jonseb – a name redolent of excellent gait, immaculate character, of, in a word Brio – has been a very successful competitor taking many titles between 2003 and 2011; among these are

Winner, Fino Stallion, Magnolia Classic of 2007.

Winner, Fino Stallion, Summer Festival Show, 2010.

Reserve Grand National Champion, Fino Stallion.

Among his sire’s descendants are such notable horses as El Rey de Isla and Heredero de Isla.

Our stallion’s dame is Madrugada de La Hacienda – the damsire being Capitan de la Vitrina – a notable performer herself and dam of such fine horses as Aurora de HH, El Madrugado and Gema de GP.

We selected this stallion, Prestigio de JH, after examination of both the sire and dam pedigrees and bloodlines showed them to be very complementary, and he is indeed a fine amalgamation of the best of both. This is evident in his excellent conformation and his cooperative nature, and in his spirit, confidence and brio.

We at Paso Finos Del Baltico are delighted to have acquired him, and we look forward to a rewarding and successful future with him.


DSC_0421Today we cleaned the tack and went to get the horses from the pasture. We rose Isabella and Mercedes for about an hour then went straight  onto Electra and Boo. We went outside of the round pen and we did a few rounds of walk around the back garden. We then gaited Electra for the first time under saddle! She went perfectly and Boo did a good job as a leader. We then washed Isabella and Mercedes to get them clean for the photoshoot. After all the work we had food <3DSC_0415

Once we were finished eating we brushed the two mares to perfection. We put Show Sheen and some kind of gold glitter on them. They were shiny and clean and there was little to no dust on them. We did the photoshoot and the pictures turned out well. We did some pictures bareback, some riding and some standing still. After the photoshoot we went in and had dinner.

DSC_0389After dinner my mam came to pick me up. We all talked for a little while and Marina offered to show my mam how much I have learned. The first thing I said after my mam agreed was “Can I go bareback?” Marina said yes so I just ran to the stable to get the bit, reins and the horse. I led Mercedes outside into the front garden after hopping up onto her back. I started walking around the garden then started gaiting. We did quite a bit of work in gait but then while I was trying to do Paso Corto, Mercedes broke into a gallop. I didn’t do anything to stop her as it was very controlled and both of us were having fun 🙂

So yeah. I learned a lot while I was here. I think the most amazing part of all this is that I galloped a Paso Fino bareback. That was the best part. Alright then, well that’s it from me until I come back in August 🙂DSC_0428

A great beginning to a long lasting friendship :)

Feeding the predators ;)

We started the day off as usual. While I stayed inside catching up on blogs and posting to instagram Marina went out to the pasture to get Isabella and Mercedes. After I was finished with the blogs I headed outside and we started riding. At first we did some work together with Isabella following Mercedes but then we strated to do our own thing. I did a few turns and a little bit of gait. It was a good and busy morning. We had lunch and got straight back to work.



We brought in Electra and Boo from the pasture. We brushed them and I started with Boo. We were in the back garden at first but then we went into the front. I didnt do and Paso Largo today as it could of ended with a gallop which wouldn’t have of been very pretty 😛 After making sure that everything was quite and gentle we brought out the little black devil…I mean umm.. we brought out Electra 😀 We started out in the round pen but then we went out around the garden. It was fun and we did a few stops and turns and everything went well today 🙂 After all that we got a bozal and a rein and we put it on Mercedes. We went into the round pen with her. Marina told me to lie down on her back at first and once Mercedes was comfortable with that I got up! This was my first time riding bareback in about a month. It was amazing to feel the horse moving underneath me with no saddle separating me from the horse. We did a bit of walking in the round pen then I started to gait. It was so smooth and Mercedes was being so careful and so responsive it was an amazing experience. Everything was so smooth underneath me I might as well have been sitting in a chair! There was no bouncing around like on any other  horse and it was all so relaxed and gentle. In the case of a Paso Fino bareback riding is so much better and so much more comfortable than with a saddle or any other way of riding.

A great beginning to a long lasting friendship :)

A great beginning to a long lasting friendship :)


Marina had to leave for Dublin to run some errands so I stayed at the house for a few hours. I stayed in bed until about 11:30. After I actually bothered getting up I had some breakfast and went outside. I filled up the hay nets and cleaned up the stables. After that I brought the horses in from the pasture, I washed the 3 adult mares and let them roll around in the paddock. All that washing for even more work later on. I spent the next 2 hours just sitting around watching the horses relax and lie down. It was an incredibly warm day so I think everyone felt a bit lazy. Once I got the energy to get up from my comfortable position on the porch I caught the horses again and brushed them all quickly. Marina then came back and we had a lovely lunch of pizza and potato wedges.

After lunch we got the equipment in the boot of the car and got Mercedes and Boo in the trailer. We drove up to The Heath and rode around there for about an hour. 25 minutes of that was spent gaiting. The horses weren’t even tired after that. Personally I’m amazed because I cant jog 5 minutes without dropping down half dead on the pavement 😛 The energy and spirit these horses have is just amazing. When we got back we brought the horses into the field and sat outside for a while enjoying the sun. A sunny end to Day 5


Enjoying the evening sun on The Heath after a busy day :)




We got up in the morning and had breakfast and did the usual morning routine. After brushing the horses I rode Mercedes and after a while Marina came in with Isabella. We first rode in the round pen then we went out to the garden. We only walked as Isabella was a bit fresh and she started getting hot near the end so we went back into the round pen. We gaited in the round pen and it was awesome. The sound of the gait is amazing and calming in my opinion. When we finished we went inside and had lunch.

IMG_0519  After lunch Marina made muffins while I went outside and brushed Boo and Electra. After the muffins were finished I rode Boo around the pen then later in the garden. While we were in the garden Boo decided to gallop off on me. It was out of control and a little bit scary but don’t tell Marina but I enjoyed that gallop 😉 After I got Boo to stop we went back into the round  pen to cool off. Marina then brought Electra into the round pen and got up on her. After a few good circuits in the round pen with Electra following Boo we went out of the pen into the back garden. Electra did very well and Boo stayed quite. Marina then went inside and prepared the pizza while I took some photos of the horses. I think they turned out pretty well 🙂 Once the riding and photo taking was finished we sat down to eat pizza and muffins. All in all it was a good day. I learned three things during the events of Day 4. 1. A paso fino will always take advantage of you if given half a chance. 2. Don’t eat rubber muffin cups. 3. The evening sun makes everything more beautiful yet crazy.IMG_0487


We started off the day with breakfast at 9:00. At 9:30 we got outside to clean up the stables and fill up the hay nets. After we had everything ready we brought in the horses from the pasture. We started with brushing Isabella and Mercedes. I did some T-Touch massages on Isabellas neck. Isabella has stiff muscles in her neck and just feeling them getting softer under my fingers is like magic. The T-Touch program is amazing, if used right it can work wonders on stiff muscles and it just helps relaxing the horse in general. Marina then rode Isabella while I stayed with Mercedes just brushing and using T-Touch. I noticed that after the T-Touch the horse was more relaxed under the saddle and more willing to listen to the instructions. I rode Mercedes in the round pen. We worked on my seat, hand position, correct aids, leg position and turning. Everything is so different with Paso Fino horses. They are so much more sensitive than your average riding school pony. They have a lot of go and can gait for a very long time. It is a 4 beat gait that is natural in the breed. This is a new experience for me and I enjoy the way the horse moves and the different feel it has under the saddle. The most important thing you have to learn is to control the speed, relax and have fun 🙂

part of the trial program


After lunch we brushed Boo and Electra and I rode Boo. We did some pretty good work in figures of 8 and gaiting around the garden. We focused on my position yet again and on the speed control. Boo and Mercedes are so different. Boo needs a little more encouragement to go while Mercedes needs a lot more speed control. After the fun on Boo we started with Electra. We had Electra going well on the lunge. We did some turns and after Electra had relaxed a bit more Marina got up into the saddle. They went around the pen a few times and then changed direction. They did this a few times before we decided that Electra had done enough work for the day as she is young and had been going well so even 20 minutes training under saddle was enough for her. She is only 4 and has been saddle trained for only 2 weeks. We then fed the horses and watched Electra play around with her bucket of feed. When they were finished we put on their head collars and brought them out to the pasture for the night.

Improved seat and position.




I woke up this morning at 8:30. I got out of bed, got ready and went to the kitchen for breakfast at 9:00. After breakfast at about 9:20 we went outside and cleaned up the stable. After the stable was clean we went out to the field and caught the horses. We brought them back by the stables and started brushing Isabella and Mercedes. I learned some T-Touch techniques and it was an amazing experience as you got a result almost straight away. While Marina exercised Isabella I brushed Mercedes and used the T-Touch method on her. This all took about 2 hours. I rode Mercedes and learned some new things. We washed Isabella which went well until she decided to roll… all that work for more dirt than before.

Enjoying the sand pit after a shower

We then went inside and had lunch.

*after lunch*

We brushed Boo and Electra and I rode Boo for an hour. We then worked with Electra. After the work was done we fed the horses and brought them back to the pasture for the night and just lazed around.  It was a good finish to day 2

She had a few too many :)


Electra and Me

Electra and Me


I arrived at Paso Finos del Baltico at 4:30 today. We all sat around for a little while and just talked. After we were finished that I said goodbye to my parents and started my 6 days here.

We got straight to work. We brushed the horses thoroughly before we even started thinking about riding. We then tacked up Mercedes and brought her out to the new round pen. We started with the basics as I had to get accustomed to the horse. After I got used to the feel of the horse and did all the basic exercises I started gaiting.  We did a few exercises in gait and a few more in walk then after about an hour we finished up. We gave the horses their feed and brought them out to the field for the night. Day 1 is finished.

Mercedes and Me in the evening sun

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