Our Stallion

We at Pasos Finos Del Baltico are very pleased to announce the recent arrival here of

Prestigio de JH, our new Paso Fino Stallion.

Bred by Gaetano Pellice in Florida and foaled in February 2013, he is a son of Heredero de Jonseb and is registered with the Paso Fino Horse Association of Lexington, Kentucky, USA; #58,739.

We purchased him from the very well known Cedar Lane Stables, in South Carolina, where he was in the care of Shaw Laney, one of the very finest trainers in the world of Paso Finos. http://clspasofino.com/index.html

Prestigio’s sire, Heredero de Jonseb – a name redolent of excellent gait, immaculate character, of, in a word Brio – has been a very successful competitor taking many titles between 2003 and 2011; among these are

Winner, Fino Stallion, Magnolia Classic of 2007.

Winner, Fino Stallion, Summer Festival Show, 2010.

Reserve Grand National Champion, Fino Stallion.

Among his sire’s descendants are such notable horses as El Rey de Isla and Heredero de Isla.

Our stallion’s dame is Madrugada de La Hacienda – the damsire being Capitan de la Vitrina – a notable performer herself and dam of such fine horses as Aurora de HH, El Madrugado and Gema de GP.

We selected this stallion, Prestigio de JH, after examination of both the sire and dam pedigrees and bloodlines showed them to be very complementary, and he is indeed a fine amalgamation of the best of both. This is evident in his excellent conformation and his cooperative nature, and in his spirit, confidence and brio.

We at Paso Finos Del Baltico are delighted to have acquired him, and we look forward to a rewarding and successful future with him.

Heredero de Jonseb

Heredero de Jonseb, Photo by ©Cheri Prill

Our Mares

The matriarch of our string of Paso Finos and informally known as Boo to her legion of admirers, she presents as near-perfect a combination of tenacity, vitality, enthusiasm, plus beautiful looks and confirmation as is possible of attainment. Rounding this out with her singularly smooth, rhythmic ground-covering gait, this granddaughter of the renowned Bochica has underlined her sterling qualities by excelling in numerous shows and tests in Germany.

Click here to see Boo bloodline

A daughter of Boo – see foregoing– Mercedes is the first Paso Fino to be foaled here at Paso Finos Del Baltico. Given her dam´s qualities it is no surprise that she exhibits a near-perfect physique, flawless gait, an excellent personality and temperament; nor is it any surprise that in 2007 she scored 8.37 out of 10 in a Quality-of Mares test in Germany, taking a gold medal on the same occasion; neither will it astonish you to learn that we at Paso Finos Del Baltico are very proud and happy about this.

Click here to see Mercedes bloodline

Bred here at Paso Finos Del Baltico – her dam is our Mercedes Del Baltico – she was sired by El Ajid del Juncal, a truly magnificent golden dun stallion based in Switzerland. http://pasofino.ch/index.php/unsere-hengste/6-el-aji-del-juncal
Foaled here at Paso Finos Del Baltico one happy day in July of 2002, she has proven herself healthy, very strong, and incredibly fast, adroit and nimble on her feet, all of which is topped by a most fortunate circumstance; Isabella is by colouration a Cremello. A rare and desirable coat-colour at any time, she is unique in all of Europe in this respect within the Paso Fino breed. Cream of our crop, if you will; pun intended.

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Daughter of Ribereno Buscavidas and Ponderosa Cosmos Dos. This filly has inherited the gait and the beauty of her dam and the presence and matchless confirmation of her sire.

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Our Produce

A son of Ribereno Buscavidas, this pleasing grey colt joined the world in April of 2003 and was from the start a personable and charming individual, given to such acts as fetching his water bucket and bringing his halter to us unbidden.
Relocated to Germany he has since done well for his owner on the Paso Fino show-circuit, and outstandingly was a championship winner at the Spring Classic of 2010.
We were delighted to pass on our congratulations and wish them all the best!

Click here to see Lorenzo bloodline

27th May 2009 and Isabella produced this foal, now a young filly of lively and personable character. From sire and dam both she has inherited the requisite amalgam of pigmentation which has given her the pleasing bright dun coat she wears today.

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The name Nueva Comienza stands for new beginnings and you could not find a more suitable name for our off spring. We are opening up a new chapter.

She is the first foal out of our Premium Stallion Prestigio de JH and our breeding mare Electra Del Baltico. Nueva perfectly symbolises our breeding goal. She ties together impeccable bloodlines, incredible beauty and excellent gaiting capabilities.

We are very exited about her further development here at Paso Finos Del Baltico.

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