horse eyeWith the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus began also the history of the Paso Finos.
Columbus and other famous conquerors of the time had brought their horses into ‘The New World’, which is now known as the Dominican Republic. Andalusia, Berber from North Africa, and the Spanish genets (extinct), had a defining influence on the race.
As horses they were very resilient, enduring, healthy and very comfortable to ride. They also called the horses ‘Los Caballos de Paso Fino’- The horse with the fine step. This is one of the reasons why they used the Paso Fino to conquer the continent of America.
After World War II the Paso Fino spread increasingly towards Puerto Rico and Columbia. The modern Paso Fino is often a mix between the two bloodlines from Puerto Rico and Columbia. The Paso Finos came to Europe in the 70’s. Since then, the number of enthusiasts and owners is growing continuously.