The Paso Fino is a dedicated kind of horse breed. Within the breed itself, there are differences in the temperament and ability of each individual horse. Those who enjoy riding energetic horses will find this characteristic in their Fino also, e.g. the leisure rider who needs a dependable comrade. To meet as many different requirements as possible, the Paso Fino race is divided into these different types.

The pleasure type

The Fino pleasure type is the ideal partner for wideness trail and hiking rides. The pleasure horse has a smooth, rhythmic gait in light collection. Its speed increases from Paso corto (slow) to Paso largo (fast). The Fino´s pleasant temperament makes it an enjoyable horse to ride and an obedient partner with respect to daily handling.

The performance type

This type is a high performance sports horse. In contrast to the pleasure horse, this type has more presence, carriage, collection and temperament (brio). These horses are best suited to experienced riders who enjoy spirited horses with a lot of go. They are calm at hand and full of power under the saddle.

The classic fino type

The Paso Fino at the classic fino type is the gait specialist. The horse moves its legs as quickly as possible – but with as little ground coverage as possible. It has an even four-beat gait with eight phases that are barely noticeable to the eye. The classic fino is THE show horse!

In this video you see Shaw Laney owner and manager of Cedar Lane Stables – South Carolina/USA, and the young Paso Fino colt “El Cazador”in the classic fino gait.
Many thanks to Shaw Laney for letting us use the videos.

Regardless of which type you decide to go for, there is one trait common to all types and that is the Fino´s inherent, natural gait. Paso Fino´s do not need any help improving their gait. Manipulating the gait, by using horse shoes with various weights for example, is prohibited and can damage the horses finaly balanced gait.

Paso Fino translates as“ fine gait“.