The horse with the fine step

The Paso Fino as a breed has its origins in Latin America, where the ancient European type known as the Ambler has been brought to the very high level of refinement and development we see in the Paso Fino breed today.

They are, their refined appearance notwithstanding, very strong physically. They are also intelligent, of gentle disposition, willing, hardworking, and very amenable to human interaction, and the centuries of selective breeding for these traits has given us that synthesis of them in the breed which we call “brio”, a quality rather like the word’s meaning in music, i.e. dash or elan or indeed sparkle or verve. Much the most immediately striking attribute of the breed, however, is the animal’s gait, “it’s way of going”. The gait is four-beat, with short rapid steps, and is entirely natural to these horses.

This gait of theirs imparts an incomparable level of ease and comfort, for horse and rider alike; the ride is extraordinarily smooth, soft and vibration-free and simply has to be experienced to be appreciated. To do this, why not visit us at Paso Finos Del Baltico sometime soon?

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