The horse with the fine step

Paso Fino that is South American temperament, beauty and elegance in combination with an unbelievably soft and vibration- free gate. The gate in particular is very natural and is a four beat gate which is native to the horses. The gate and the presence make the breed so unique and incomparable.
The experience of horseback riding is defined to an entirely new level on a Paso Fino.
Paso Finos are generally very human orientated, intelligent, gentle and very beautiful, elegant horses. They are extremely resistant, persistent and have endless motivation to work whilst being full of controllable power and temperament. These oppositions seem to be very contrasting at first but have undergone countless selective processes in order to achieve a manifested level after many hundreds of years. All these features are carefully grown and selected under the surveillance of the Spanish word ‘Brio’. The Paso Fino is automatically born with brio therefore you can’t teach a Fino to develop brio. Brio is in general what creates the presence of the horses.

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