We constantly strive in our work to show our passion for and love of our Paso Finos Del Baltico horses.

— What might we do for you?



We would love to have you experience these delightful horses, and especially their unique gait, at first hand, so we are offering a complementary — yes, free — initial trial ride. Please when you avail of this allow yourself enough time to obtain the value of it and of course bring appropriate clothing (strong shoes with heels, raingear, etc).
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High-quality breeding is of the essence here at Paso Finos Del Baltico. We do not sell foals, neither are we commercial horse-dealers. We retain our youngstock in-house for a minimum of three years, during which time each animal is nurtured and carefully and comprehensively trained. Only then do we allow of sales and even then only to appropriate and suitable purchasers.

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We have a beautiful accommodation available at our family home, suitable for adults or a family with children not less than twelve years of age. It would be very suitable for persons who wish to enjoy the beauty and quality of our horses in a tranquil green rural environment.

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Pony parties

Offer your children something very special for their birthday and book a pony party with us. You bring the kids, their drinks, cakes, pizza, chips and whatever they want. We offer pony rides in our large garden,… READ MORE.

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Our strength is our individuality

It is our target to stay small, which is why we dedicate ourselves individually to all our visitors and their needs. We accommodate a maximum of 4 guests at a time. Our guest rooms are recently redecorated, bright and … READ MORE.
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Riding lessons

We also offer riding lessons, for those interested, who want more than just a free trial ride. We only give private lessons. Training hours in advance are mandatory in order to participate in a cross country. READ MORE

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