Why the Paso Fino?

There are many reasons why we chose the Paso Fino.
Let´s begin with the background. We were looking for a breed of horse that would be able to cope well with the long winter month and the autumn storms on the Baltic Coast. Our horse would be kept in an open stable, so it would therefore need a good winter coat.
We had two small children at the time, which meant we were looking for a people-friendly breed – one that would be easy to manage, completely reliable and capable of forgiving the odd mistake. For us, priority number one was that the horse be family-friendly.
And what was I looking for in a horse? Well, my own requirements for my future horse were diverse.
I was looking for a gaited horse, one with a LOT of gait. My dream horse would be full of spirit and untiring, comfortable to ride, and a docil – a “mind-reader“ so to speak, capable of responding quickly. At the same time, the horse would have to be sensitive enough that it would be submissive. I wanted a horse that would be capable of pushing forward on its hoofs, and always ready to take on the challenges of open terrain. A very good bloodline was also a priority – a gallant, and if possible a Spanish appearance, characterised by strength, self-awareness and noblesse. My horse would have strong nerves and a great willingness to perform in tournaments. I wanted a horse that would complement me and look well.
I found this horse in February 1995.
Over the past 20 years, I have discovered time and again that Ribereno Buscavidas is by no means unique in the Paso Fino breed. The characteristics described above are common to this breed, which is why the Paso Fino is the best choice! :=)

Our horses

As you may have guessed by now, it didn´t stop at one mare! Paso Finos have become very close to my heart. I currently own four Paso Fino mares. Buscavidas (25 years old), Mercedes (17), Isabella (12) and Electra (4). Mercedes and Electra are daughters of Buscavidas. Isabella is the daughter of Mercedes. To date, Isabella is the only cremello-coloured Fino in Europe. All four are Pleasure type Paso Finos.


We primarily “use“ our horses to enrich our lives, but they are also friends and enjoy a close relationship with the family.
Riding on various types of terrain is important in order to challenge and support the horses physically. And this is always fantastic! Paso Finos have an unbelievably soft gait, which, when combined with their noticeably high level of energy, make every horse ride a pleasure. We also enjoy riding out in the nature with a pony horse.

The gait of the Paso Fino is very special. Those who see a Fino moving for the first time are often amazed at the distinction of its gait.

Paso Finos generally do not tread under their body´s middle point. All four legs move in a smooth, rhythmical up and down manner, with as few forward thrusts as possible. The physical build, especially the very strong angulations of the hindquarters, supported by strong muscles, tendons and ligaments, among other things, make these movements possible. This leads to the desired still movement in the croup, which is continued in a quiet smooth back. Riding almost becomes akin to gliding.
The aim is for a lateral four-beat gait in eight phases. The desired frequency of the steps isshort and in quick succession. – The breed would not be complete without a slight jaunt in the gait ;=)
We ensure the horses get exercise in the round pen.
I also enjoy working with the young and growing horses. Since last summer, Electra has been able to run through the small young horse alphabet, and as soon as the weather permits we will start her training to become a riding horse.
We are delighted to receive invitations to parades and events. In particular, we enjoy occasional shows, for which the horses are always optimally presented. Strong nerves, with a lot of temperament – that´s the Paso Fino!
In order to also maintain our performance standards, we subject ourselves to the critical gazes of the judges at gaited horse tournaments. In summer 2013, Mercedes and I attended the European Championships for Paso Finos in Schutterwald / Baden Würtemberg, Germany. We started in 7 competitions and took home 5 ribbons to Ireland.
We also attend horse riding lessons with Paso Fino Trainers.7-21-resized
In the past year we we have been organising children´s birthday parties with the Finos in our garden. Lots of fun for everyone :=)
And as I don´t want to miss an occassion where possible to support this wonderful breed, our holiday guests now also have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the fascination of the Paso Finos.


Paso Fino, the breed of contrasts! Toughness, willingness to work, health, temperament, and stamina combined with gentleness, beauty, obedience and intelligence.

I would like to extend a special thank you to the breeders in the countries of origin, who have manifested these characteristics through selection processes over many hundreds of years, right up to the present day.